Trade in Global Value Chain Initiatives (TGVCI)

The Trade in Global Value Chains Initiative is a £4M innovative catalytic fund that builds on the M4P approach but addresses wider social upgrading challenges that are not always included in challenge fund structures. The TGVCI aims to encourage companies, trade organisations or other actors involved in the global value chains to initiate or scale up investment in improving the skills of workers and the wider labour force as part of the mainstream business case. It is designed to be a catalytic programme mechanism that encourages industry coalitions to access the TGVI matching funds. Actors are encouraged to invest in project ventures that lead to sustainable social upgrading for some of the lowest income working families in global value chains. This initiative aims to build momentum through both new and existing coalitions of civil society groups, government and private sector and provide technical support throughout the life of the project.

Vintage Denim Ltd. has signed two joint projects, Count Me Too – Disable Factory Workers and Health Insurance for All. Both the projects have been implemented from March, 2015 to June 2016.

Count Me Too – Disable Factory Workers project aims to recruit 200 disable workers as full time employee and trace the productivity to advocate government and other industries to incorporate disable friendly HR policy.

Health Insurance for All aims to conduct a study to understand worker’s interest and affordability on Health Insurance Policy and conduct an in-depth study to understand worker’s welfare development and productivity improvement.

As a consortium member, CHANGE advised Vintage Denim Ltd. to execute all the activities successfully and achieve the utmost goal of the projects.

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