Renewable Energy Innovation Hub

Renewable Energy Innovation Hub is a two month long (48 hrs.) certificate course designed and organized by CHANGE in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy, Dhaka in January 2015. The main objective of the program is to share science based skillsets among a diverse group of people (engineers, diploma technicians and community people) to foster innovative solutions. It has been evidenced that multi-disciplinary participants not only share strengths but also helps each other to overcome weaknesses and skills gap. For example: the process helped engineers to improve life skills whereas it helped the community people to improve analytical skill sets significantly. Instructor led classes and group discussions were insightful for the participants to understand the basic theories of electronics and social innovations, and grasp the ability to narrate and utilize theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems. Someone might be wondering what they have done that long? First month, the participants learned about the theories of electronics, calculations and implications through practical lessons. Second month, they were divided into several groups to identify social problems, brainstorm ideas and solutions, develop and test prototypes, and finally prepare a business case with sustainability models.

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